Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day preceded by an overnight low of -5.  The wildlife hasn’t been reading or listening to weather reports.  A magpie was busy selecting some of the copious cat fur decorating the seat of the office chair on the verandah.  Indie has displayed herself on it in the past and left her calling card.   The bird was welcome to it and it spent ages selecting sufficient to surround her beak with a fine light fuzz.  She then hopped over towards the glass door where a dog was stretched out on the other side.  Perhaps she had thoughts of adding to the
colour scheme with some personal plucking.  She returned to the chair and further fur selection before flying off.  I’ve left dog hair out in the past with the hope a bird would put it to good use, but doubt it happened.  It’s always ended up in great drifts in the carport catching leaves and general grot until I’ve raised the energy to deal with it.  Bushfire season has always been a good galvanizer of such action.


I enjoyed some time on the verandah chatting to Floyd and dealing with some washing.  Even Floyd sounds brighter and chattier with the sunny weather.  While there I heard and saw the first blow fly of the season.

saluting the sun

This morning the animals were stretched out enjoying the sun.  After taking advantage of the photo op, through the door so as not to disturb the pose, I put washing on the line and investigated some of the flowers in bloom.  Some came out before the cold snap started about 6 weeks ago but others are emerging all the time.  The blow flies were numerous and making a racket as they flew around the garden.  It must be time to get the fly trap out of mothballs.

This afternoon I went shopping for kangaroo mince for Indie.  I had expected to sail, well, hobble, into the first shop and leave with a kilo of human grade roo
mince for one cat.  The roo mince section was resoundingly empty.  I tried to
plunder the next supermarket to meet the same result.  While not completely out of roo mince we didn’t have far to go before facing the equivalent of Mother  Hubbard’s cupboard and an Indie without her favourite food is not for the faint hearted.  I was a bit desperate.  I drove for miles to a shop where I fully expected to find the required food.  Again, I met an empty shelf.  I succumbed to a tray of kangaroo filet as I had more plastic capacity than energy to search additional shops.  Now there is the additional job of finely cutting half a kilo of roo.   Unfortunately stock piling even of small quantities of roo mince doesn’t work.  Did I mention she is fussy and an excellent trainer of humans?