Transporting Babies and Small Children in Yunnan

This is done in many ways. 

Two for one, these two were in Kunming.  One is carrying a baby in her arms and the other on her back which is very common in Yunnan.  The usual difference is the embroidery or embroidery style on the baby carrier.

The newspaper is still put up for general reading in Kunming and Jinghong.  Don’t remember seeing it elsewhere except on old TV  programs of the Mao years.

This womam is doing her market shopping and I caught up with her later in the fjsh section.

Kid on the shoulders

Minding baby while minding the camel available for tourists to sit on at a temple complex in Kunming.

Grandfather holding kid but with the bamboo kid carrier on his back.  These are sometimes attached to bikes too.  Kunming

Closeup of the embroidery on a baby carrier as they watched goldfish fishing in a pond in central Kunming.

An old baby carrier from a town outside Kunming.

Another popular way, piggyback.

Four on a bike in Xihou, a village outside Dali. This is not uncommon.  I’ve even seen it on much smaller bikes.

Much simpler style of baby carrier.

A man doing baby carrying duties.  I did see a couple.  I saw a statement in Mosuo area stating that baby minding was a man’s job. This photo came from southern Yunnan wheras the Mosuo are predominatly in northern Yunnan.

Baby carried in a length of material.   Seen in a village in southern Yunnan.

Another kid carried in a length of material in southern Yunnan, near Jinghong.

Most rare of all, a pram seen in Kunming.  I only saw 2 prams during 6 weeks.  They are not common anywhere I have travelled and I don;t think I have ever sen any in my city.